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The finalists:

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First name:
Date of birth:
Eye colour:
Hair colour:
1,75 m
62 Kg
I live in:
Star sign:
Training to be an office manager
Type of handicap:
What caused my handicap:
I was shimmying through a small clearing on a rope that hung on a large fir tree. Bicycle handlebars were attached to the end of the rope. I built up a lot of momentum and when I reached the highest point I couldn’t hold on any more and fell 7 metres.
Playing table tennis, drawing with charcoal, attending shows (Holiday on Ice etc), parties, shopping and meeting up with friends.
Favourite music/songs:
House, Silbermond, old songs.
Favourite film:
Christmas Vacation and 50 First Dates
The book or books I would like to re-read: Seven minutes to noon
My favourite food: Italian, fish dishes and all the great stuff my mum cooks
My favourite place for a holiday is/would be: Thailand
My greatest wish: To be independent later on in my life and perhaps have a successful career
Handicap plays/does not play a role in my life because … It does play a small role, because you always have to plan in advance and can’t be spontaneous, but otherwise you can do a lot of things with a handicap too.
I am taking part in bim 2008 because … I’d like to prove that handicapped people can also be attractive and overcome the unease that people feel towards handicapped people.
As a model I would like to present: Fashion, perhaps hairstyles
What is really important to me: That my family stays healthy and always backs me up.
My strong points: I’m a happy, funny and self-confident person. I quickly make people laugh.
My weak points: I drop things, pick them up and then drop them again.

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