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The time has come at last: We’d like to introduce the panel of judges. But not all of them at once. Just to keep you in suspense.

Frank Freyer
Managing director of TRIO hair & company, one of the most influential hairdressing companies in Germany and with a total of two premises, the largest private hairdressing school in Germany.
He regularly showcases his flair for trends and fashion at international shows for companies like Unrath&Strano, Strenesse, Puma and many more.
Michaela Schaffrath
“I’m really pleased to be a member of the panel for beauties in motion in Hanover this year.
It’s the first model contest that I have judged and is therefore an exciting new venture for me.
I have a lot of respect for the young women who use this event to show that you can be full of life and attractive despite having a handicap!”
Konstantin Eulenburg
For many years one of Germany’s top photographers. Based in Hamburg, this professional photographer works for Beiersdorf AG and Tchibo amongst others.
Konstantin Eulenburg has been with bim from the very start. He made the set cards for the winners over the last few years and photographed the 2008 calendar.